Can Conversations Motivate People?

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Many business owners often observe that their employees are not striving toward doing their jobs better: that their team is not motivated. Having an unmotivated team is a major road block to growth. So, how do you address and rectify this? Firstly, what is motivation? Motivation is the desire in a person to perform an […]

How to Uninspire People – Part 2

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Welcome. This is the second blog in our 2-blog series on bosses’ behaviors that can reduce a team’s motivation and prove to be counter-productive to growth in the long run. In the first blog, we discussed factors related to work management like changing or confusing instructions, boss’s unavailability, too much or post-work follow-up, and restricting […]

How to Uninspire People – Part 1

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As a boss, you make a huge difference to the growth of your employees. From guidance to reassurance there is a lot that you can contribute toward employees giving their best. But there is another side to this coin. Unknowingly, a business owner or manager can have a negative impact on their employees’ performance. Rub […]


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